Sunday, December 14, 2008

Guten tag

I just created this blog for two reasons. First off, I fancied the name. And secondly, I wanted to try out a new blogger template which I wasn't willing to use on my other existing blog because then I inexorably lose all my gadgets.
I had two options for the template. The alternative had eldritch green fumes along the periphery. But I settled for this one since it reminds me of ńĆerenkov radiations. And the reason for the pop-up comment box is that blogger decided to bug the regular one.
Ah, and concerning the title of this post, I've always wanted to learn German among a dozen other languages. Maybe I'll get to that sometime.

So, here I welcome you to my new blog which I will hopefully be inspired to use sometime.


Vasudha said...

Bravo. :P

Nik said...

Haha. At least it works now. :)

Disha said...

I like :)
[I wanted to say "Pretty" but I didn't think you'd appreciate it :|]
But anyway, :) I like Blue!

Radhika Saxena said...

How bored were you huh ;p
and I doubt my mum will allow me for sunday.. I'll try my best convincing her tho,I don't want to ask her,I kinda know her answer plus she's scary ;\

Nik said...

Disha, Thanks.

Radhika, you should meet my mum. ;)

Radhika Saxena said...

Your mother is not scary.

Nik said...

I'll tell you of a log I'm keeping. You'll change your mind, trust me.

Anonymous said...

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